Time and date of the meetings of the Berlin Freifunk community can be found in the Berlin:Treffen article in the Freifunk Wiki. At these meetings you can learn everything you need for running Freifunk - from constructing antennas to configuring access points. If you want to participate, you will find interesting projects and the right people to kick off your own project! There are many opportunities for supporting Freifunk: as network engineer, programmer, author, designer or idea promoter...

Mailing list

We communicate not only face-to-face at the meetings but also through public mailing lists. After registration with your e-mail address, you need to click the link in the confirmation mail. You can choose between instant message delivery and a daily digest.

  • Berlin Wireless Berlin's Freifunk list
  • Berlin Neukölln Neighborhood's list for Berlin Neukölln
  • Berlin Treptow-Köpenick Neighborhood's list for Berlin Treptow-Köpenick
  • Berlin Spandau Neighborhood's list for Berlin Spandau
  • WLANnews Communities' news and news on wifi and free networks from Germany
  • WLANware Technical discussions on wifi hardware from all over Germany
  • WLANtalk A transregional mailing list for communication between the individual Freifunk communities
  • Twitter Follow us on Twitter


Part of the Berlin Freifunk community communicates via Matrix:

Some members of the Freifunk community can be found in IRC: irc://


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