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This is a special version of the linksys WVC54G
Camera software. I've added the OLSR daemon as well
as some help pages to give hints for configuration.
All mesh config is done on the command line, so be
shure you had your linux/vi lessons learned.

New version as of 13-May-2008:

* Update to olsrd-0.5.6rc1 (90e58c149597)
* Fixed "chmod -x intro.jpg" (large intro img not displayed)

New version as of 14-Feb-2008:

* Added fixed point math to olsrd

New version as of 07-Feb-2008:

* Update to olsrd-0.5.5

Version as of 18-Oct-2007:

* Updated to olsrd-0.5.3-rc1 to save a lot of CPU

* Added the geo pos for decentral OLSR maps 

* Changed default config not to use RTS

* Changed ramdisk size to 512Kb and added "top"

* Killed some dumb processes after 1000 seconds
  to also save a lot of CPU (those cost a lot and
  make the camera unreliable). Side effect: You
  cannot change the configuration after 15 minutes
  uptime. So restart the camera first, the config...

* Changed the emergency flash tool for newer libpcap

Developer Notice:

This archive has the precompiled and patched 
version of the linksys source archive. I have
put this together with these steps:

- Make a /dl/ dir, download Linksys GPL source
  tgz there (GPL avail on, Download,
  WVC54Gv1, GPL).

- Unpack the tgz (will spit out dl/wvc54g-EU/)

- also download olsrd-0.5.3.tar.bz2 from
  to /dl/. No extract.

- Issue ./

  This will unextract and patch olsrd and prepare the
  source tree.

  Note: In the standard Makefile a "su -c" is used. Correct
  this to "su -m -c". There is a patchfile to do this
  which will change build/Make.context -> SU_CMD

  In the old 2.11 source files some critical file in
  the FW directory are missed. Copied the FW directory
  from an older Source archive. Newer tgz is OK.

- cd into wvc54g*/SOURCE and call '. ./setenv' 

- You may want to change fs/userland/scripts/etc/rc
  to adapt startup or so. Or something in fs/apps/

- Now 'make'.

- Check wvc54g*SOURCE/FW/combine.log. Last entry should read 
  similar to:

  00000000 - 000060BC     loader
  00010000 - 000E46A4     kernel
  000F0000 - 00385C00     filesystem
  003FFFB2 - 003FFFF8     PID

- Flash wvc54g*SOURCE/FW/WVC54G.bin to camera. Note the
  Admin/Help/OLRD page. If something went wrong, use the
  flashwvc tool.

- Add new config (use telnet and vi /etc/system.conf):


- This section is then added to /etc/olsrd.conf

  LoadPlugin ""
          PlParam "name"          "freicam3"
          PlParam "hosts-file"    "/var/run/hosts"
          PlParam "suffix"        ".olsr"
          PlParam "service"       "|tcp|Freifunk WVC54G WebCam Nr.3"
          PlParam "lat"           "52.495309"
          PlParam "lon"           "13.454099"
          PlParam "latlon-file"   "/var/run/latlon.js"